Native Americans Are At Higher Risk

Native populations across the country experience some of the highest disparities in health and socioeconomic factors compared to other US populations, with stroke and premature dementia as two of the greatest causes of death and disability [1,2].

  • Native Americans have a 14% higher mortality rate from strokes compared to the US Population [1]
  • Wisconsin Native populations experience some of the highest mortality rates from strokes compared other states [1].
  • Individuals at high risk for stroke are also at high risk for dementia

According to the American Heart Association, Stroke Risk Factors are on the rise in Native Americans. 

Preventing a stroke

It is very important to recognize a stroke early to have the best chance of survival and recovery.

LEARN the BE FAST mnemonic, it can save a life. It is a quick way to recognize signs someone is having a stroke.

UW Health adopted graphic of the BE FAST mnemonic. B= Balance loss, E= Eyes and vision changes, F= Face drooping, A= Arm weakness or numbness, S= speech slurred or trouble speaking, T= terrible headache. These are signs of a stroke. Stroke strikes suddenly, don't stall call 911

Preventing a stroke before it even happens can be possible by making lifestyle changes and modifying certain risk factors. According the the American Stroke Association, 1 in 4 stroke and heart attack survivors have another.


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